McCalls 6747 Long sleeve knit maxi

Oh, what a cute knit summer dress! 

I get cold everywhere I go…and love having long sleeves instead of taking a wrap. I did not opt for the henley look, with placket and buttons, but other than that, I really made only one change to this pattern. It was based on a discovery from sewing so many knit dresses the past 6 months…
    My dresses (another one below) are done in a light-midweight 7 oz. cotton jersey knits from Girl Charlee ( I 
    looooooove this knit fabric store). I’ve found in sewing this weight knit that a center back seam takes a lot
    of punishment, particularly if you are sitting on it…the knit pulls out at the stitches. 
    I have 3 versions of the  Kwik Sew 3703 maxi dress, which has a CB seam. Originally, I serge/sewed them all
    but after a few wearings  I went back and reinforced the CB seam with an elastic knit stitch. The CB seams
    were pulling out like crazy!
End of story: I cut the back of this dress on the fold, rather than with a center back seam. I’m happy with the fit as is, but someone else might want to add side darts for shaping if this approach is taken.
Sizing-based info:
  • I’m a bit over 5’7.5″ tall, 140 lbs.
  • Sewed a size medium.
  • Added 2″ to the length.
  • Dress hem is 2″.
  • Sleeve hem is a scant 5/8″.

Version two, a tribal animal print, in orange of course!

And the gratuitous envelope cover photo…or something near it.
I really love this dress.
Ciao! Coco

19 thoughts on “McCalls 6747 Long sleeve knit maxi

  1. Stunning, what a beautiful job you have done. Would love the pattern for this. Haven't seen any patterns like this which are so classically simple, they all seem to over do it with buttons , pleats, frills, pockets, gathers, etc. Keep it simple is best. Well I think so. The results speak for themselves with what you have done with this dress.


  2. Love those!!!…especially the flowered one. I also love Girl Charlie knits…fun colors/prints and their collections couldn't be better. I'm not getting paid to say that!


  3. These are fab! I just made a sleeveless maxi, but I have a feeling I'll be layering more often than not. Thanks for the review, this looks like a versatile pattern.


  4. So funny…I keep my daughter outfitted in flannels, same situation! She is in Ft. Myers. When I visit I take all my igloo wear!


  5. Cute dresses! I know what you mean about being cold – the A/C in Florida is frigid! Even in my own home, hubby likes it cold. I wore winter pajamas last night! I think you are well outfitted for beautiful summer maxi dresses!


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