B6251 Cute jacket!


It’s perfect weather for working on jackets and coats.

This was quite a project. This pattern is intended for sweater knits, ponte, and blanket knits. The latter led me to try this in poly sherpa fleece. Interesting…

It’s a nice pattern with unexpected collar options. Views A and B have an attached collar, whereas views C and D have a ‘traditional’ shawl collar (the front extends into the collar).

B6251 line art

Just for giggles, here’s the line art from last year’s B6406 – exactly the same as views B and C on B6251. Go figure.

B6402 line art

Anyway…I did a muslin of this several years ago, view A, the jacket, in a very stable ponte from Girl Charlee.


I found that the center front ended right at my crotch (I hate that word). And that the collar turned very nicely in the ponte. I even did buttonholes!


I tried to use that info on this fleece version, and was partly successful. I added 2″ to the length and also lowered the CF curve by 1.5″. The jacket ends in a nice place in front – but the collar is just too bulky to do a natural fold.



Lemonade! Actually, I love this with the collar up! It’s so warm on the back of my neck.


It’s meant to have a 3-snap closure, but for now they’re on order from Wawak. No way am I attempting buttonholes in fleece. This jacket will live in my car, to be grabbed for that cold cold trip into the grocery. The place that will trigger my Raynoud’s syndrome if I don’t wrap up (pic is from last December, after shopping for Xmas groceries). I asked once – they keep the A/C on 70 degrees.

Raynauds Dec 2016 (2)

Moving on – the ponte coat fail, BurdaStyle 90/2010 #127. I love the design and style, but it is just too big for me, even after I re-drafted it. I think the issue is that I used 4-way stretch ponte. It just keeps growing. It’s not meant for a knit, but I just had to try it 🙂 It’s so pretty.


Parting shot: my Three Kings Day zygo cactus. Our cool weather kicks in a little late for Christmas blooms.


What next? After a rather rocky start to 2018 sewing, I’ll have to think about that a bit. Tempting me – I still have a taxi yellow fleece in my stash. Outrageous, right?!


Ciao! Coco


24 thoughts on “B6251 Cute jacket!

  1. You look glorious in that red coat. I am slightly envious because we are not EVER cold here. All my lovely raspberry wool and red/orange tweed…just sitting. Pillows?

    Coco, you look well and happy.

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    1. Thank you, Mary. I’ve often wondered if you missed that beautiful weather. Throws, a cape? I am well and very glad to see 2018 arrive. Last year was tough, health-wise, couple hospital stays. I’m determined to have one whole year without that! happy new year 🙂 Coco


  2. So glad you posted this. The red jacket is DARLING, and the line drawing looked soooo familiar. Turns out, I own this pattern! I bought it for the snuggly boucle version on the model but have never done anything with it. The lines look lovely on a real human, so it’s now been moved to the “Hmmm, maybe…” pile!

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  3. Red is beautiful on you! The added length on the jacket makes it perfect. Very pretty.
    I bundle up for the grocery store as well. Brr!
    The orange jacket is lovely too; will you repurpose or is it going to the donate pile?
    My outdoor Zygo cactus is just starting to bloom now. The indoor Zygo’s don’t usually bloom for me – really must plant them outside. 🙂 Stay warm!

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    1. Thank you, Andrea 🙂 the orange will be donated, I’m just tired of fooling around with it. I really like the design, though, and might give it a go in corduroy! just for fun…


  4. The red jacket is smashing on you. The colour just makes you glow. The upturned collar looks so nice and snuggly. Definitely a keeper. Isn’t it funny how we’re drawn to the same styles over and over again? I suppose that’s what’s knowing your own style is all about. Love your blog – I think we’re of an age, born around the middle of the last century? You do look stunning. Cheers from chilly Toronto, Canada.

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    1. thank you, Sue! Brrrr – it’s really cold in Toronto! I used to have a very heavy faux fur that I wore up north, I get so cold! Yes, mid-century 🙂 will be 70 in a couple months. wow. I still have a 28-year old state of mind.


  5. I always enjoy your posts, thank you for sharing. I think that the Burda coat is gorgeous, I hope you can find someone who can wear it. Just FYI, this month’s Threads magazine has an article on how to calculate changes to a pattern for woven to make it for a knit. I wonder if adding some extra stabilization to the interior would help?

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    1. Thanks, Lynda. Well, I did adjust it for a knit, but it’s just too much stretch – 70% and 80%, poor choice for the garment. But I get stubborn and just had to try it! I knew that waist would be a challenge, and thought about using buckram or similar to stabilize it. But it’s not lined, would not have looked nice. I went back recently and added a 1.5″ waistband with a woven facing. Worked great, and it’s pretty. It will get donated or re-cycled, it’s about a size 14 as is, and I’m a 10…


  6. Coco, you find the sweetest patterns and I really like just about all af them! I keep a running list on my phone of patterns I might like to try and notice that almost all of them are ones you’ve written about. I think that your lovely pictures of you actually wearing them add to my enthusiasm! The orange coat is adorable! Maybe you will make it again in a more stable fabric?

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  7. Reynaud’s, me, too, Coco. It is so annoying, especially in this totally frigid weather. The cold air hits my face, my hands and toes go numb. At least it is a benign occurrence, yeah? I love your new fleece jacket. Very cute! I may have to check out that pattern. I like the color on you. Too bad your coat is too big. It would not be too big here, it would have loads of layers under it! Your cactus is going to be beautiful.

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  8. What a beautiful, beautiful coat! The colour is perfect on you, as is the style. Too bad about the Burda coat. It’s such a pretty style. Is there no way to shrink it (save it)?

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  9. Your jacket is beautiful – love that colour on you. Very yummy indeed. I may have that pattern and will definitely try it. And will use your alterations too. Did you make the attached-collar version or the cut on version? I really like the way the collar stands up and snuggles your neck.

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    1. Thank you, Barbara! I made the attached-collar version, for a couple reasons. The fleece would be hard to manage on the cut-on version (those clips in the corner of the shoulder). And I have to do a sloping shoulder adjustment on one side – it’s doable but tricky on a cut-on shawl collar. Hope you enjoy the pattern!


  10. Beautiful coat, Coco! The collar does look good standing up around the neck and adding warmth. I understand your feeling about the word “crotch.” I don’t like it either. When talking about pants, I’m trying to remember to say “rise” instead.

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  11. Happy New Year, Coco! Love the color of this new jacket and look forward to your taxi yellow make. Lowering the front worked great, really like this design and I sew a lot with fleece and have plenty in my stash. Think I’ll have to give this pattern a try as I live in snow country and dress in layers during winter. Always enjoy your take on patterns, fabric, style.

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  12. Oh, Coco, I love the lines of that Butterick jacket and just moved it higher up on my list since I need some more cozy…and that will do it!! The collar has a great proportion and the front curve has just enough style to be chic. And most of us in the US need some cozy right about now.

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