Kwik Sew 2895 Jeans jacket – the curtain remake!

I had a great trip to see the grandson – he loved all his Spidey gear, and we played to exhaustion (moi, he does not know exhaustion…). After one recovery day, I’ve been working on a jeans jacket – I’ve decided it’s something in the air, because I’ve read two jeans jacket reviews on PR this week!

This one is a Kwik Sew pattern and I love it. I sewed View B, the classic jeans jacket look, in a size Medium/10-12. (I’m 5/7″ and generally sew a size 14/40).

Great pattern. It has faux flat-felled seams. What’s that, you ask? Well, you sew a regular seam, neaten the edges together, press the seam allowance to one side, and double-topstitch it on the outside. And it looks just like a flat-felled seam. But is super fast and easy, particularly in a heavy fabric, such as denim.

An inside view: the vertical seams are faux flat-felled. I added bias binding to the edges of the cuff, front, and waistband facings. I just cut the binding from scrap cotton – I really don’t like purchased binding, it’s so stiff and not as nice as fabrics I have in the stash. Plus mine are all pre-washed.

The medium fits me really well – as long as I don’t try to button it! The bottom meets in the front but at 38 1/2″, it definitely will not close comfortably unless I blouse it up! Fortunately, I don’t intend to button the jacket, I like it open.

I made only a couple changes, mostly just to suit me.

  • Left off the pocket bag – the pocket is not going to be used, so why bother!
  • Did away with the buttoned cuff approach and used a closed cuff. You can see some soft gathers in the upper sleeve in the pic above. I used the original cuff pattern, but shortened it’s circumference by 3/4″. 
  • A tip – since the right facing is always turned back just below the collar, I sewed the top buttonhole on the ‘wrong’ side. This way, the ‘pretty’ side of that buttonhole is on top.
  • Also cut the undercollar on the bias. It’s amazing how much easier it is to work with, when there’s no collar stand.

Loving the fabric, it’s the leftover panel from my IKEA Merete (heavy twill/denim) bedroom curtains! This is the first time I’ve used a heavy denim on either of my machines (Singer Quantum Stylist 9960, Janome 8002D serger), no problems at all, whew! I was pleased.

Have you noticed it’s the weekend? Hope it’s lovely. Ciao! Coco

18 thoughts on “Kwik Sew 2895 Jeans jacket – the curtain remake!

  1. Love this jacket. I NEVER wear white, but I now want a white denim jacket…and thanks for the different views of your lovely, colorful home!


  2. Great looking jacket and what a fabulous way to use up that extra panel! I love the flat felled seam technique.
    I'm working my way through 6 panels of dark brown medium weight linen from curtains. It has gotten to be a wearable muslin in a few patterns now. Did I mention brown is my go to, like black for many.


  3. I love it- I also love your home in the background- so bright and lively! Thats a great tip about the buttonhole- why would I never have thought of that??


  4. This is a great looking jacket on you. I made View A several years ago in a faux suede. I think it is time to pull out this pattern and make View B. Love the white you used, so summer feeling.


  5. So, Scarlett, did you bring down Ms. Ellen's box of dress patterns from the attic for these portiers? What a fabulous idea! This jacket is too cute, and it looks like it has some fit rather than the usual boxy style…love it!


  6. Very cute!!!! I have this pattern, too, and have been thinking of making up a denim jacket. Then, voila, as you said, I'm seeing several being made up! Yours is very cute!


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