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I really enjoy sewing a pattern for the first time! With so many Closet Case Charlie Caftans in my closet, I’ve been looking for something different for a summer shift. Enter the Style Arc Adeline Dress. I ordered the PDF version on the Style Arc Etsy site, because shipping cost and delays for a printed version challenge my pocket book and patience 🙂

line art

It’s such a nice design: Cocoon shape, big pockets, lovely V-neckline, and easy dolman sleeves. Plus it has an intriguing high-low hem that is finished with facing bands. All in all, lots of elements for an interesting project.

side 1
Dropped hemline
Dolman sleeves
Great pockets

A few sewing notes:

  • I sewed size 10 based on my measurements (I’m 5’7″, 33-29-38.5). And a great surprise – the length is perfect!
  • I used cotton shirting that is only 43″ wide, so I had to trim a couple inches off the sleeves. That wasn’t an issue for me, since I did not plan to use a cuff (my iron is strictly for sewing, not for pressing cuffs).
  • As on my Charlie Caftan, I changed to pitch of the shoulder/upper sleeve, and eased the underarm curve to prevent bunching.
sleeve 1
Trimmed sleeve and redrawn cutting lines
sleeve 2
Finished underarm seam and 1 1/4″ sleeve hem

Thoughts on the pattern: it’s rated as Medium difficulty/sewing skill level, and I think that’s about right. If it had anything really helpful in the way of instructions, I’d rate it as Easy. A few tips that might help if you’re on the fence:

  • All the pattern pieces fit together perfectly, which means the curved hem facings are easy to sew.
  • Be sure to staystitch the neckline before construction – sewing up the front edges, from the point to the shoulder, on both sides to combat the natural stretch of the fabric bias. If your fabric is shifty, you might want to staystitch the neckline edge of the facings as well.
  • Facing the V-neckline… Here’s a link to an excellent tutorial by Fashion Incubator – it covers both one-piece and two-piece facings (the Adeline has the latter) and includes instructions on the direction of the stitching and management of the turn of the facing to the inside.
neck 2
Turned facing
  • Stay sane! Mark the neckline topstitching line with a soluble pen or marker. I used a Roxanne Quilters Choice chalk pencil that just brushes off. Roxanne markers are great – I have both the white and the silver pencils and usually pick them up at JoAnns. BTW, I love Frixion pens for marking inside seam allowancess and so on, but I’m wary of using them in an exposed area of a garment.

neck 1

  • And don’t forget to finish those pocket edges before making them, to avoid raveling on the inside when they’re used.


  • Fabric yardage requirements are provided for 58″ wide fabric only. I used 3 yards of this 43″ wide shirting. Also – I like the weight of the cotton, it maintains the shape of the dress and sleeves really nicely. I doubt I’ll ever sew it in anything lighter, such as the suggested silk or crepe.


Well, I enjoyed this and have a piece of calico waiting for a second version. Before I sew it, I’m going to wear this dress a few times to address those burning questions: do I really like the dipped hemline, is the dress actually catching on my flat booty, is the bottom width (only 41″) too constricting for an easy stride.

Meanwhile, it’s Friday! I hope everyone enjoys a safe and peaceful weekend.

For now – Coco

8 thoughts on “Style Arc Adeline Dress

  1. Beautiful fabric and dress. I’ve considered that pattern too but hesitated because it looked so snug at the bottom…too hard to walk! But it’s gorgeous!


  2. I too ‘test drive’ new patterns, usually wearing them around the house for a while to see how they move, shift, fit. I hope your Adeline passed the test because it’s lovely on you.


  3. Thanks for the tips and link to the facing tutorial, I hadn’t seen that one before. Please let us know what you think of your ability to walk in this dress, as I had hesitated to buy it because I feared that the narrow hem diameter would make walking difficult.


  4. I like this dress on you too Coco – the dipped hem looks lovely! Thank you for the links to Fashion Incubator (I’ve bookmarked that site!) and the reference to Roxanne’s quilt pencils. I’d never heard of them before so I ordered a few online to try them out. You can never have too many marking pencils because like you say different ones work best depending on the task, the fabric composition and whether it’s right or wrong side. I’m a big fan of StyleArc (have several on the way – they had an amazing sale running this week!) – their patterns do come together well and are so fashion forward 🙂 You might want to check out Trend patterns in the UK and DPStudio patterns in France as well. Both pattern companies have incredibly unique and stylish patterns.


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