Gifts – mug rugs and baby snakes!



Ha! I finished my last DIY holiday gifts!

I always do kitty thingies for Ashley and Darrin, parents to SIX kitties. And, yes, sometimes it’s hard to find something new. But I lucked out this year – two cute gifts.



First up, mug rugs. Actually, these could be used as treat mats as well. I started with a cat pocket pattern that I found on SelfAssemblyRequired’, no charge, courtesy of Emily. It’s adorable.


And the size is perfect for a mug rug.



I used 2 layers of fabric, with fusible fleece on one to add a little body and support the quilting. The rug was sewn right sides facing, turned, topstitched around the edges and quilted in the center.

Easy peasy 🙂 And a very quick project.

I did a variety of themes, including The Walking Dead (of course) and a Peeps version to match Ashley’s scrapbooking apron.


Thank you, Emily!

Second gift, and this one is for the kitties themselves, Catnip Baby Snakes from Sew4Home (here). I’ve become addicted to this site – what great DIY ideas and projects.


These are about 10″ long and are stuffed with poly filling and a generous portion of organic catnip. OK, a pause. What catnip isn’t organic? Anyway, these are so merry and different!

I used cotton calico paired with sherpa fleece. And I made a real mess with the catnip. But the suggested funnel didn’t work well for me, so I just used a spoon and smushed it inside. Plus, I didn’t mind the mess – DIY is supposed to be messy.


I used a tube turner to turn the snakes inside out, and a chopstick to stuff them.


Parting shot: he just knows Christmas is coming.


Bye for now – Coco

6 thoughts on “Gifts – mug rugs and baby snakes!

  1. Such a pretty kitty you have. As I am a “crazy cat lady,” I have downloaded the cat pattern and might even do the “adorable snakes.” Did you wash the fabric before doing the projects?

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    1. Isn’t he cute? Actually he’s one of Ashley and Darrin’s bunch (I’m allergic to cats) and has a lot of blue in him, as does one of brothers. And, yes, I pre-launder everything before I stash it.


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