Crossover Culottes – summertime!


I’m a dedicated browser of – their designs fit me really well, they add patterns frequently, and, if I’m looking for a particular style, I can usually find it somewhere in their collections.  And, IMHO, their summer patterns are much more creative and interesting than those being offered by the Big Four (boring boring boring). My latest find is this really cute culotte pattern,  2018-06-103A.


BS6770 Line Art



The ‘look’ reminds me of the Burda 6770 wrap pants (posted here).

I made a couple pairs of these last summer, and wore them out. Now I think I need some more! but that’s for later.

Back to the culottes…

These are not skorts! Check out the super nice crossover tab element, the subtle front pleats, and the big pockets.


Sewing notes:

  • This lovely cotton twill is from Fabric Mart, the elusive ‘NY Designer. It is so soft and doesn’t really wrinkle, just rumples a bit. I drafted my pattern with 1/2″ seam allowances and serged all of them after cutting, since twill tends to ravel.
  • I thought the fit might be a bit tricky, so I drafted my first version in size 40, using the Burda size charts. My muslin was much too large in the hips and waist, although the crotch length and curve were fine. Rather than adjust my tissue, I went back and drafted size 38. Bingo!
  • Even the back fits really well. Whew.


  • The pattern has an invisible zipper in the left side seam, but I simply cannot wear zippers against my skin. So I used the left pocket and snaps for access and closure. This is the only change I made to the pattern.


  • The instructions are typically cryptic and worth reading several times before starting the project 🙂
  • A tip: there are a lot of seams, folds, and fabric going into the faced waistline. Clipping out the seam allowance really helps to reduce bulk. After the clipping, but not shown here, I also layered the seam allowances.

SA clipping

Parting shot: demonstrating the pants leg, with assists. Remember those Vogue pattern poses a few years ago?


Ciao! Coco

10 thoughts on “Crossover Culottes – summertime!

  1. Your fitting skills amaze me & I always learn something. Great culottes Coco. Your snap closure is brilliant. Because of health issues I need closures that are forgiving & don’t irritate my abdomen. You have given me inspiration & I’m off to check out some patterns I had written off. Thanks Coco!


  2. That pattern and fabric are great on you. Love those pants. I decorate my space in the same colours! I have the same boxes and handmade dolls, Rosemary

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