Butterick 6107 Shawl Collar Coat


It’s officially fall in the loft, time for a new jacket and a new pattern!

Butterick 6107 is lovely and interesting to sew. I originally bought it with the standup collar in mind, but I was put off by the way the collar looks when it’s open. No problem – I love shawl collar jackets and coats!



Sewing notes:

  • My choices: size Small, View A, the length of View C, and the pockets from View B.
  • My fabric is Marigold 100% cotton sweatshirt fleece from Fabric Mart. It has only mechanical stretch and is what I would characterize as mid-weight.


  • The collar is cut-on rather than attached. I know this scares some folks, but the pattern pieces fit perfectly, and the inside corners were easy to sew. Another nice feature: the upper collar is slightly wider than the under collar to allow for the turn of the cloth. A lot of patterns don’t bother to do this.


  • My buttons are 7/8″ faux tortoise shell, with sew-on snaps for the actual closure. I did lots of looking and found beautiful 15mm bronze snaps by Cotowin on Amazon. BTW, Amazon is a great place to look for studs and snaps, the variety is amazing.




  • The patterns calls for lined pockets, but given the weight of my fabric, I drafted mine with an interfaced cut-on facing.
  • Here comes more fun – the back! It’s plain on the pattern, but I split it into 2 pieces just below the armscye. I think the topstitching on the collar, the hem, and this new seam add a lot of interest to the back view.


Oh, this is such a nice jacket, and I love wearing it.


We had a nice Halloween night here in my little community, complete with a pizza party at the clubhouse to get some food into the kids’ tummies ahead of all that candy. Most of my neighbors have left their decorations in place, I think everyone is simply enjoying the season.

Parting shot: I had to do it, Starbucks kicked off it holiday flavors today with free reusable cups 🙂 Did anyone else splurge on a peppermint mocha latte?


Ciao! Coco

22 thoughts on “Butterick 6107 Shawl Collar Coat

  1. I guess this means you decided against B6423? Was it the width of the collar that put you off? I really like the proportions of B6107 and agree splitting the back gave the coat wonderful, yet subtle styling. I was waiting to hear your views on B6423 before cutting into my boiled wool. After seeing B6107, not even sure I want to muslin 6423, as I like the simpler front of your jacket. Thanks for another excellent post.

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  2. What a great make! Love the detailing and the collar info. I’ve been wanting just such a coat/jacket in a light gray; so you’ve inspired me. Now to fit it into the line up…

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  3. Really like the addition of the back horizontal seam for interest. It does the trick to add to the simple straight line. Can’t beat sweatshirt fabric for cozy factor and the color just tops it off. Nice, nice nice!

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  4. Looks lovely on you and so warm too – just perfect for this time of year. I am going to get pattern and fabric as that jacket will fill a need in my wardrobe. 😘

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    1. Hi Jenny! Serged the SA’s together for appearance and to ‘stiffen’ the seam, keep it from stretching out and so on. Plus, in general, I dislike raw edges inside my garments, not pretty 🙂


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