New dressform

This is exciting! I’ve put off buying a new dress form for several years, as my old form was ‘OK’, and I had other priorities. But this is a year of going for those things I know I will enjoy. As Joan Rivers said, if not now, when…

After careful research, I purchased this Janome Artistic Dress Form in size Small, and I’m delighted. The comparative pic below illustrates my issues with my previous form (in red). It was a Medium, had a booty and tummy, very wide shoulders (which I cut off with a hand saw), and a surprisingly large neck. And it was short-waisted. I have a long torso, no booty or tummy, and a skinny neck!! Enter the new form on the right, wearing the dress form cover I made years ago in cotton rib:

This line of dress forms is available on many trusted sewing sites – SewVacDirect, SewingMachinesPlus, etc., and of course on Amazon.

A table of the dress form sizing:

Have you indulged yourself lately:-) Happy – Coco

2 thoughts on “New dressform

  1. Thanks for pointing out there can be a difference in waist length. I hadn’t thought about that before. I have agonized over buying a dress form for a while. Sometimes I think I might really want one – that it would make my fitting issues easier to resolve. And other times I’m not sure I’d use it enough to justify the expense. My sewing space is very small – and the space also serve as my home office. So really no room for one. Thanks for your tips – still pondering. : )


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