Fabric as art #1

Summer, and I’ve been in the house for 9 months. All the ‘big’ items are finished – roof and outside plumbing repair, front yard gardens, bug-free screening for the porch, and, the biggest ticket item, a new A/C compressor and air handler. Whew.

It’s time to work on my bedroom. It’s a huge room, 1/2 of the house, L-shaped, with a sitting area as one enters, which is home to my piano and a twisted wood and wicker chair, then a deeper space that is home to my dresser, armoire, bed, and nightstand…

I’ve had lots of time to think about wall art, and a couple weeks ago I decided to use 3 large frames with fabrics that I love, instead of conventional art. Today I framed the first of 3 pieces, the one over my piano. I don’t want to focus on the art when I’m playing, so I was looking for a fabric with fluidity and color. This is Waverly Mayan Market Caliente duck from Fabric.com. I ordered 1 yard and turned the pattern sideways to get a horizontal motion. It is the most expensive fabric I’ve ever purchased, at $30/yd, but the cut was very generous. I’m sure it was done with a view of the pattern repeat.

Instead of sewing notes, here are my construction notes!

  • I purchased 3 stretched canvas frames from Sam Flax. These have a 3/4″ profile – 2 @ 30″ x 40″, and one, the one, at 20″ x 30″. I really don’t plan to frame them so size was important.
  • Tools! From Ace Hardware, a staple gun and 1/4″ staples for attaching my fabric. Which, by the way, I cut out with 2″ borders once I decided on the print placement. The staple gun was easy to use, it’s an Ace brand, I think the person helping me and I tried out every model in the store. I love Ace!!
  • I added fusible interfacing in a 4″ block on each corner, since the fabric is a loosely woven. I was scared silly I would mess up the corners. Then I stapled the opposing sides and worked with those corners. I was grateful for the interfacing, and it went very well!
  • To hang the frame, I used d-ring fasteners and picture wire. I like these fasteners because they lie flat. I did have to get shorter screws, the ones included in the pack were too long.
  • And up it went!! Please ignore the blue-ish walls, they came with the house, and as soon as it’s safe, they will be painted white, which I find very soothing in my bedroom space.

I hope this finds you all well and strong, what a strange and challenging time.

For now, Coco

10 thoughts on “Fabric as art #1

  1. Your wall art looks lovely. I am also very partial to paisley pattern. By the way – on my phone and tablet your bedroom wall looks white or cream already.


  2. I love it! Fabrics are the most artistic thing in my house, beyond a few small works we have acquired over time. I have been swatching my stash as part of the Seamwork program I recently joined. What an eye opener! Your mounted piece puts me in mind of how featuring a given fabric really increases appreciation of it. Thanks for sharing this project. ☀️


  3. You have such a good design eye. Your adorable elephant is the perfect companion for the paisley design. I still have a fabric covered frame that I created in college. It has always hung out of the sun and I brings me great happiness.


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