True Bias Ogden Cami with variations

Deep summer and so very hot…I’ve been living in my only Ogden Cami (here). So I went through my remnant stash for anything approaching a yard of fabric.

What a lovely and easy pattern:

I haven’t made the plain vanilla, as above, but opted to draft a button-front from the get-go. IMHO, it’s a great way to break up that ‘sea’ of fabric in the front and add some interest to the design.

I also changed the back neckline – I wasn’t fond of the flare from the v-neckline in the original.

Sewing notes:

  • I originally cut the size 4, based on my measurements. It was just too snug across the bustline and center back. This is size 8, with an additional 1/2″ added to the length of the straps.
  • The button front is uncomplicated, my first post has more details on the draft and construction.
Fabric: Art Gallery Magnolia Study Silkroad rayon challis, It’s shifty, and this pattern has so many bias cuts! Pin, pin, and pin again 🙂
  • The raised and loosened back neckline is also an easy change.
  • One thing that really really bugged was that the original lining cut right across my bust -terribly uncomfortable, and, in a sheer fabric, kind of a bad idea. Also, the linings wanted to crawl up. Aarg. so I used the lining pattern to draft facings for the entire bodice, which finish at 1.25″ wide. These are easy to topstitch in place, and they don’t wave around or impact the fit of the bodice at all.


15 thoughts on “True Bias Ogden Cami with variations

  1. Thanks for great pictures and clear information! You inspire me to sew. I know that I have several body areas (forward shoulders, etc) which require changes to the pattern. Seeing how you make changes is very helpful, and helps me see that it’s not that hard.

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  2. You are so clever. I am assuming you use a dressmakers mannequin to fit things. What kind do you have? My biggest challenge is fitting things on myself as I am also a solitary seamstress. I know I could make things fit better if I had the right tools. Thanks for inspiring me.

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    1. Hi Bobbie. I have the FAMILY DRESSFORM FM-S Family Small Adjustable Mannequin Dress Form Grey from Amazon. It’s my third and by far my favorite form. I made a form cover in white rib knit some years ago, mostly so it looks nice in the sewing room!


  3. LOL, this is the first time I have commented on your blog, even though I have been reading for ages. I had trouble with the WordPress account situation. Then I was given responsibility for maintaining a WordPress site on my job (it is a blog behind my company’s firewall) So now I have a WordPress account and EBS is the acronym for my department. So that explains that! I really enjoy your sewing! and your adorable new home 🙂

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  4. That’s a great idea. I’ve also been wearing my one and only Ogden Cami and I have trouble telling the front from the back! I usually put it on, the hemline is way out of whack, then I take it off & turn it around, and then the hemline hangs level. Maybe the button front will appear on my next one. I agree they are wonderful in this heat & humidity!

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  5. Very nice. Your modifications added style and comfort to an otherwise pretty plain top. Between the weather and the up tick in COVID-19 cases, Florida seems like a place to stay inside, turn up the A/C, get out your scissors and sew. Stay well, dear virtual friend.

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  6. This Ogden cami looks great. I read somewhere that this is designed for a C cup which I definitely am not, did you originally do a SBA? I think I need to do one. I made one aOgden nd use it as a summer pyjama top.

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    1. Hi Christine! I didn’t do an SBA, but I did remove the bust curve on the front pieces. My bust is very small, 33.5″, so the size 8, which finishes at about 37″, works for me. I also read that True Bias designs for a C cup, but I think anyone larger that an A cup might need an FBA in this pattern 🙂


  7. A great color and pattern scale on the fabric, and a very flattering size. I cannot imagine it being as hot and humid as it is in FL now. We are whining from high 80’s and humidity in northern New England. Do take care.

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