Still here, just wandering a bit

Ok, I’ve not been very successful in the sewing department for a few weeks. It seems that I bin two out of every three things I make! I really don’t mind, all that sewing and fussing has kept me occupied.

However – lately I’ve turned to my stamp collection as solace. Nice days, no TV, no music – just me, stamps, Scotts catalogs, and albums. Stamp hinges all over the place. I’ve been collecting since 1979, international stamps through 1959. Lovely way to spend time 🙂

Today, in honor of Election Day, I cleared my table and did some cutting – two pairs of black bengaline Style Arc Barb pants. This is hands-down my favorite pant pattern with this fabric, and these are pairs 2 and 3. Side note, back in the day, traveling overseas for work or fun, I just took 2 pairs of Bengaline pants with me (vintage Liz Claiborne). Indestructible and no wrinkles, easy to clean, perfect with any suit jacket or top.

Some time ago I purchased 5 yards of Bengaline from Fabric Genie = 3 pairs of pants in total (first pair here, with sewing notes).

I will be busy, with the benefit of guaranteed success, for a while. I just need to rethread the serger with black thread:-)

I hope everyone is well, safe, at peace, and loved. Coco

12 thoughts on “Still here, just wandering a bit

  1. Lovely, I’ve always been intrigued by stamp collecting. I find myself really getting puzzles, I found this free jigsaw puzzle site, I’ve probably done over 200 by now. It even has this audible clicking sound for when the pieces go together! If anyone’s interested, it is Take care all.


  2. Coco
    Good to see you once again. ….Your clothes are spectacular. You are such a fantastic seamstress and that jacket is to dye for….beautiful. I see that you patronage Style Arc patterns. So many of them are so stylish and occasionally I order the hard copy since I do not want deal with print shops or otherwise. Also, those folks at Style Arc are a pleasure to do business with.
    Looking at you, I wondered if you had ever done any modeling. Your style is impeccable and you always look so graceful. One would never realize those medical issues you encounter looking at your picture..Hang in there and hopefully this pandemic will end and you will be able to enjoy your family the way you would like to. stay safe. Also, wanted to mention, are you an artist? I just love those sketches you had posted.


  3. Good morning, Coco! As always, I so enjoy seeing a new post from you. I’m looking forward to seeing your new jacket. You’ve mentioned using bengaline. I looked it up on and see that it comes in various fiber mixtures. Which do you prefer? I’m in dire need of a pair (or two) of new pants! Thank you.


  4. Five yards and three pairs – I’m in!
    I’m ‘reading’ that you cut these on the cross grain, and I’m ‘remembering’ that you are tall? (So that I can do the same?)
    Any advice would be lovely!


  5. How lovely to hear that you are taking up your stamp collecting hobby. Like a lot of people, I have been finding myself easily distracted from working on my usual projects. Getting back to something you love to do, especially something that takes your mind to far away places and times, must be a well deserved treat for your brain.

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  6. Well, we all go through this sometimes. Good thing you have so many other hobbies to turn to. I, stupidly and totally unproductively turn to the TV, (NOT NEWS!)

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